Golf Exercise - Improve Strength, Flexibility and Distance.

Specific golf training can increase your club head speed, enhance posture and help reduce injuries and pain. All the pros do weight training for golf and so should you.

Join my casual Auckand Running Group.

0274108702 or

I will assess your body and will design a specific program that you can do in the privacy of your own home. Most golf exercises can be done with little or no equipment. We can meet and train at your home or local park.

Take the 12 week - “10 yard challenge.” A very realistic goal is to increase your club head speed by 5 mph which translates into approximately 10 yards.

Forget buying that new driver and invest in some golf strength coaching.

One-off assessment session and personalised program - $70.

Casual golf strength sessions $60 (no specific program included.)

Most social golf players have certain physical limitations that negatively affect their game. Often it is a lack of flexibility in the hips or shoulders, and weakness in the arms and abdominals. By increasing strength and flexibility in your specific problem areas you can increase the distance and club head speed of your shots.

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